In American healthcare, the senior care sector is one of the fastest-rising sectors as more and more service providers continue to step up in terms of the quality they provide. 

From online patient monitoring and remote care alternatives, the advancement of technology has allowed providers to render high-quality caretaking experiences, especially amid COVID-19, where extra care is paramount. Among all the different solutions that have gained popularity, however, none have favored families than in-home care services. 

The impact of in-home care services

Within the past few years alone, in-home care for seniors has quickly raised American healthcare ranks because of its “game-changing” systems and benefits.

As opposed to other types of available care solutions, many seniors and their families are opting for this option because of how it allows any elder to age gracefully without worrying in their home’s comfort. Instead of moving your senior to a facility and exposing them to the risk of contracting COVID-19 from other patients or staff, moving the care at home cuts out the risk and upholds safety.

The widespread impact of in-home care seniors has become most prominent in times like these because it allows elderly family members to easily live at homes despite physical difficulties

Different types of services that can be availed of with in-home care services

Although it may be difficult to adapt and handle the growing needs that an elderly member will have, in-home care minimizes the amount of stress and time needed to render assistance effectively. 

If you have an older loved one at home that you choose to take care of so that you can spend more time with them and keep them safe, here are three different services that can help: 

In-home nursing services

At Medistics, one of the most common inquiries that we get for in-home senior care is in-home nursing services. Through the help of this service, a senior’s medical care-related needs can be taken care of by a licensed practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), or licensed vocational nurse (LVN). If your elderly family member has a special condition that requires extra help, then an in-home nurse can help with various tasks, such as injections, IV management, and urinary catheter management, among others.

Personal care and support services

Apart from in-home nursing services, another specific branch of in-home senior care that you can avail of for your loved one is personal care and support services.

What makes this service a desirable option to consider is that it helps seniors learn the ropes of staying independent at home with private duty-class work. By seeking assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) like dressing, eating, or bathing that may get difficult with age, a senior can adapt accordingly and save costs instead of moving into senior living! 

Continence care

If you don’t have as much time as needed to take care of your senior loved one, then availing of continence care will help ensure everything runs smoothly to enrich their lives at home. Through the help of this program or service option, you can ensure that your elderly family member has the care they need to stay healthy, happy, and independent at home with ease.


Despite the growing concerns and difficulties that come about with the perils of the Coronavirus and their effect on achieving adequate care, in-home care services can help ease up the process and keep them safe. Regardless of the level of care that your elderly family member needs, it’s safe to assume that there will always be an available apt in-home solution!

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