If you’ve never heard of an annual wellness visit, you might think that it has more to do with the physical aspect of your body. However, it is nothing close to it. An annual wellness visit is merely a simple conversation that happens between a psychiatrist and a patient, discussing the history and any concerns regarding the patient’s health. It is also a time when the doctor reviews any existing health problems that the patient might be experiencing, and any health issues that might appear in the future.

The main goal of an annual wellness visit, then, is to create a complete history of one’s health and help prevent any future health problems.

That said, if you’ve never been to an annual wellness visit, here’s what you can expect:


Expect to undergo a Health Risk Assessment

During your visit, you’ll undergo the Health Risk Assessment, which asses the different aspects of your health and body, such as weight, height, heart rate, and others. You will also be asked different questions regarding topics, such as depression, self-care, memory, and drinking habits. You might even go into screening depending on the concerns your doctor might have about you.

This is important for you because the assessment is done to determine the risks you put yourself in, including problems that may arise in the future. During the assessment, you’ll be able to identify the issues you’re facing and discuss ways on you, and the doctor can work together to solve them.


Expect to be provided with a wellness schedule

The wellness schedule is a list of all screenings you need to undergo within the next five to ten years. These screenings can include but aren’t limited to mammograms, prostate exams, and other necessary tests.

When you arrive for the annual wellness visit, do expect to receive a wellness schedule. On top of that, you’ll be expected to follow the schedule as well.


Expect to obtain a Personal Health Record

During the visit, all the information your doctor might have collected about your health will be recorded in a document called the Personal Health Record. 

With this record, you can go to different hospitals or clinics and see other doctors or physicians. In the medical world, health care providers aren’t allowed to discuss any health-related information with other health care providers. With the Personal Health Record in your hands, however, you can show the document to the doctor in charge of you, effectively allowing them to understand your health history and what you’re currently dealing with.


Expect to receive an action plan

Expect to be given an action plan about what you need to do to be healthier. After all, the point of the visit is to figure out what’s wrong with you and what you can do to live a healthier life. 

When you go for an annual wellness visit, you’ll learn so much more about your health, allowing you even to create your action plan to change your lifestyle for the better.


Final words

While that might not be all that the annual wellness visit might have in store for you, do expect to receive other treatments and tests that will benefit you in the long run. You have one life, and we want you to live the best life possible. Stay healthy and schedule for an annual wellness visit today!

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