If you are living with a loved one who is in advanced age, you know that life can become quite frustrating for them. They have all the privileges of adulthood, yet often, their physical and medical conditions prevent them from being able to go about their daily lives without assistance.

Requiring constant supervision can make a senior feel upset, frustrated, and unhappy with their quality of life. Assisted living facilities or having chronic care management can help ensure that senior’s basic needs are being met, however, family members can and should provide opportunities to give their loved ones back their independence. Empowering seniors and giving them the ability to control their daily activities can help them stay healthy and live longer and happier lives.

Improving a senior family member’s independence is beneficial not just for themselves, but for everyone in the family as well. Requiring fewer trips to the medical facilities, being able to do more activities together, and looking forward to celebrating milestones together are just some of the positives of supporting a healthy, happy, and independent senior person. 

If you want to support your senior family member’s well-being, you can do a few things to help them live a fulfilling and empowered life: 

1. Have a regular schedule for physical activity

Barring any medical conditions, incorporate a 30-minute activity into their schedule. You can take a short walk outside with them every day. You can also sign them up low-impact exercises like swimming or yoga. Getting them to stay active can strengthen their muscles, and it helps keep blood circulation strong.

2. Find them a creative outlet

Even if they are not artistically inclined, allowing seniors to work their creative functions can be beneficial to their wellbeing. Give them the means to pursue their hobbies, like gardening, making model airplanes, or coin collecting. This will help to motivate them and give them something to look forward to every day.

3. Encourage regular social interaction

Try to find a mutual interest group for your loved one to join. They might also be interested in participating in a volunteer program. Socializing can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, which seniors tend to feel. Schedule regular video calls with family members, and whenever possible, plan to meet them in person regularly. 

4. Empower them to use technology

Technology can open up so many chances for interaction as well as activities for seniors. Family members should invest time to teach seniors how to use smartphones, set up video calling, and use the internet. This not only helps families stay connected, it gives the senior individual access to resources without having to leave their home.

5. Hire them a dedicated care manager

If your loved one is suffering from a condition that needs constant monitoring, hiring a dedicated care manager service can then manage any chronic care management they may need. Care managers can monitor their vitals remotely, help them ensure prescriptions are filled regularly, and coordinate appointments with doctors. The biggest advantage of care service is that it can help seniors get the attention they need while living in their own homes instead of in assisted living facilities.

In Conclusion

Just as young children need care and attention, seniors also need love and understanding from their family members. Empowering them to be independent despite the limitations of their twilight years will enable them to live their lives to the fullest. 

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