It is not uncommon for patients with hypertension to also have diabetes. Studies have shown that patients who have high blood pressure are also likely to have type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes, as there seems to be a link between these medical conditions. 

Both diabetes and hypertension have shown to have the same risk factors and underlying causes, which can complicate the situation of a patient who has both because one disease can worsen the symptoms of the other. The good news is that proper management of both conditions may help reduce their negative impact. This blog post will shed some light on the link between these two medical illnesses as well as how to detect and manage both.

Hypertension and Diabetes: How to Detect and Manage Them

If you have a family history of hypertension and diabetes, and are feeling the symptoms that are related to these conditions, it is a good idea to get diagnosed as soon as possible. Here is a guide on how to identify your symptoms and what you can do about them.

Diagnosing Hypertension

If you have regular health checks, it may be easy to get an accurate diagnosis. However, if you do not make it a point to get checked periodically, you may already have high blood pressure and may not even know it. 

If you are feeling dizzy, have difficulties in breathing or have other symptoms of hypertension, it is a good idea to have your blood pressure taken by a health professional if you do not know how to take it on your own. Hypertension stage 1 will show a systolic of 130–139 and diastolic 80–89. Stage 2 hypertension has a systolic of 140 and above and diastolic of 90 or more. Lastly, a hypertensive crisis will show a systolic higher than 180 and diastolic above 120. Should you ever be in the third classification, see a doctor immediately.

Diagnosing Diabetes

There are some people who have diabetes but will not show symptoms at all. However, if you feel excessively thirsty, have the seemingly constant need to urinate and notice that it takes much longer for your wounds to heal, you may have diabetes.

The Link Between Them

Diabetes and hypertension have similar causes. Some of these include obesity, oxidative stress and insulin resistance. On top of this, a person who already has diabetes may also develop hypertension because of blood with high glucose levels. The organs that are affected with diabetes are the ones that are essential to maintaining a healthy blood pressure. On the other hand, people with hypertension may also be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes because of processes in the body that affect both conditions such as inflammation.

Managing Your Health

Certain lifestyle changes that can help you live your best life, even if you have been diagnosed with both diabetes and hypertension. Getting enough exercise, eating a healthy diet, controlling your weight and making sure that you have the right medications for each disease will help you manage your health.


Trying to manage the symptoms of not one, but two medical conditions may seem like a difficult task, but it isn’t impossible. The best way to ensure that you are able to stay on top of your medical condition at all times is to keep in constant communication with your doctors regarding your health. The moment you feel anything out of the ordinary, it is vital that you let your doctors know about any symptoms you may feel. 

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