Health is important, or as they say, “health is wealth.” That is why keeping healthy and ensuring that you stay that way is important. 

Preventive care deals with the prevention of diseases to minimize the burden of illnesses and their associated risk factors. It includes patient counseling, annual wellness checkups, and screenings to prevent any health-related concerns. 

In the U.S., under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), most healthcare coverage, including those obtained from Health Insurance Marketplace, are required to cover certain preventive services to the policyholders at no cost. It means that you do not need to pay for any preventive care services, in the idea that it will help you and your family remain healthy. That will also help you reduce expensive health care expenses down the road if you are able to detect a problem early, or if a vaccination or immunization will help protect you from getting a serious disease.


What Is Covered in Preventive Care?

Chronic illnesses are the leading causes of disability and death globally and closely related to increasing health care costs. Most people will not visit a doctor until they have already experienced the symptoms or if their condition has already worsened. 

Preventive care is encouraged to promote a healthier lifestyle approach. Identifying and preventing possible risks and problems downstream is one method for improving health outcomes and controlling utilization.

The services that you can get through preventive healthcare may vary, depending on your gender, medical history, and age. Common examples include, but not limited to:


  • Cancer screenings
  • Wellness visits
  • Certain types of bloodwork
  • Standard immunizations
  • Screenings for cholesterol, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, and depression


Meanwhile, preventive services for children include the following:


  • Developmental screenings
  • Obesity screenings and counseling
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Lead screenings for at-risk children
  • Autism screening between the ages of 18 and 24 months
  • Vision and hearing screenings
  • Drug use and alcohol assessments for teens


Preventive Care vs. Diagnostic Care

As the name implies, preventive care is to prevent any kind of illness from developing. It is something you get from your doctor to keep yourself healthy. If during your preventive screening, your doctor discovered something abnormal or one that seems alarming, you will be recommended for diagnostic care. It includes a visit to the doctor, going through a series of tests and procedures to diagnose and monitor a medical concern. Diagnostic care may include:


  • Ultrasounds or x-rays
  • Biopsies
  • Endoscopy


Most healthcare policies may also cover diagnostic care, but in some cases, you may have to pay for some procedures from your own pocket.


Why Is Preventive Care Important?

Preventive care ensures that you remain healthy. It also provides access to prompt treatment when needed—medical conditions are detected before it becomes too late to be treated. Additionally, preventive care helps lower your medical expenses in the long-term.


  • Preventive care helps control risks for the many primary causes of death, lessen your chances of getting serious diseases or alleviate some symptoms
  • Preventive care helps you stay healthier and get more effective treatment
  • Preventive care helps you pay less for medical bills

It is highly recommended for children and adults to visit their doctor regularly, even if they feel and look healthy. Get yourself checked now! Visit us today and learn more about preventive care and your coverage.


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