Accessing relevant medical services is necessary to keep your wellness in check, especially as you become older. Fortunately, you can benefit from Medicare, a national health insurance program by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

One particular service worth mentioning is chronic care management (CCM), a healthcare program designed to help people aged 65 and above and some younger patients with specific ailments. To determine what you can expect and figure out if you qualify for this program, consider the crucial details stated in this guide. 

Where Does CCM Fall Under When It Comes to Medicare? 

When you are looking through your Medicare coverage plan, you may find designated services under Part A and Part B. Just remember that Part A accounts for costs from hospitals, nursing home care, and skilled nursing facilities. On the other hand, Part B covers doctor visits, medical equipment, and outpatient interventions, including CCM. It can benefit you whether you have two or more chronic health conditions. 

Through your health insurance coverage, the CCM program enables you to manage your health within your immediate community and offer better outcomes and more favorable patient setups. Just note that Medicare does annual wellness visits to check on your progress. 

Once you are approved for CCM benefits, a licensed medical professional will devise a care plan, which includes the needed healthcare providers (or care team), major health concerns, prescribed medications, and community services.

What Are the Kinds of Chronic Health Conditions That Meet the CCM’s Eligibility Terms? 

Typically, Medicare beneficiaries that undergo the CCM program have cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory complications, and arthritis. However, take note that the insurance eligibility doesn’t necessarily mean you have to satisfy a list of medical conditions. 

You can acquire CCM benefits if you have a disease that is expected to last for at least a year and have an increased risk of being hospitalized, becoming terminally disabled, or passing on due to medical problems. 

What Are Some of the CCM Services Included through Medicare? 

Depending on your health condition and lifestyle, you may expect to have the following CCM options as approved by your physician or other licensed healthcare providers: 

  • Personalized health management services
  • Identifying communication means for healthcare providers (e.g., by phone, in-person, or video call)
  • Disease education for effective healthcare management
  • Health education and literacy
  • Community resources through referrals and preferred service providers
  • Wellness coaching
  • Risk mitigation 
  • Medication management

Is It Possible For CCM Terms and Conditions to Change Under the Medicare Coverage? 

As more individuals need medical services due to the global pandemic, it may lead you to consider if your CCM program’s coverage will change, especially since there is a 20 percent coinsurance for services. 

Generally speaking, it is possible since the Medicare coverage is based on three main factors: federal and state laws, national coverage decisions through Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and local coverage factors decided by companies. Therefore, it is important to always consult with your physician and other concerned professionals to get an informed answer to the ramifications of your CCM program. Meanwhile, it would be best to follow Medicare’s developments online.  


As you can see, there are plenty of benefits that come with Medicare’s CCM provisions. You just have to ensure you partner with the proper medical care providers that have your best interests in mind to guarantee your health and well-being. Get the healthcare services you need today by consulting with experienced professionals like us! 

If you are a qualified patient, Medistics Health can offer you chronic care management and other Medicare options through our dedicated care manager. With our assistance, you can get the attention necessary to address primary and minor symptoms. Contact us to learn more about our programs! 

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