COVID-19 has changed the way people live their lives. With social distancing and quarantine being key elements to staying safe during these unprecedented times, getting regular checkups has become more difficult than ever before. These checkups are essential for patients with chronic diseases to monitor their vitals and make sure their lifestyle remains healthy. That is why remote patient monitoring technology has become imperative now more than it has ever before.

What is a Remote Patient Monitoring Technology?

As its name suggests, RPM technology allows patients to be monitored from a device wherever they are. These devices will vary according to the patient’s condition and can be used for seamless monitoring without interrupting their day-to-day lives. Patients will be notified if there are any alarming changes and can be recommended for assistance right away. This solution makes things much simpler for both patients and healthcare providers, which is why experts project that the RPM market will double in demand within the next five years. 

5 Key Benefits to Remote Patient Monitoring During these Times

1 – Reduces Safety Risks 

Going in and out of health care facilities may prove to be risky amidst this global health crisis, especially to those with chronic diseases. With RPM devices, patients don’t have to make their way to their doctors regularly. They will also have contact with them as soon as an emergency arises, so patients only have to visit their doctor only when necessary.

2 – Offers More Convenience for the Patient

Not only will it reduce the risk of the virus, but it will also provide a more convenient healthcare monitoring for the patient. It gives them the chance to save them the time and hassle of going out. 

3 – Increases Access

One major health care crisis that the country is facing is that not everyone possesses the means or access to better healthcare providers. In rural areas, in particular, people might not have immediate access to healthcare. Remote monitoring can save patients’ costs in the long run since they don’t have to travel a long way to see a doctor. 

4 – Acts as a Warning System that Provides Real-time Response

Heart attacks, seizures, blood pressure spikes, strokes, and other medical emergencies can happen at any given moment. For people who are at risk of these occurrences, RPM devices can be beneficial. As technology progresses, healthcare professionals are hopeful that an RPM device for detecting COVID-19 can be released in the near future.

5 – Benefits the Healthcare Staff Workers as well

The less crowded a healthcare facility is, the safer it is for health workers. It lessens risk of transmission for both patients and staff since direct contact is limited.


The pandemic is certainly a cause for concern for patients with pre-existing conditions. However, it should not instill any unnecessary panic in patients who are more vulnerable to the disease. With RPM, patients can get access to comprehensive healthcare without putting their lives at risk. Whatever conditions they have can also be addressed and treated as they need. 

Medistics Health is on a mission to simplify health care for every patient in need. With remote patient monitoring, patients are given the assurance they need without leaving the safety of their homes. For more information on our remote patient monitoring system, get in touch with our team today.

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