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The Importance of Chronic Care Management Amid COVID-19

Providing adequate healthcare can be a challenge, especially during this global pandemic that is affecting the world. The priority now in the healthcare industry is to give healthcare services to patients who are affected by COVID-19. Because of this, patients with chronic diseases find it hard to get themselves treated

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How Chronic Care Management Can Help Doctors During COVID-19

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone in this world who hasn’t been significantly affected by the ongoing pandemic, especially those working in the medical field. Many health providers have had to resort to new ways of doing things, such as turning face-to-face meetings with their physicians into online video calls.

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A Q&A Introduction to Chronic Care Management – What to Know

Chronic care management has helped many individuals receive proper treatment and improve their quality of life. If you’re a healthcare provider and wish to provide the same benefits to your own patients, then you should definitely consider adopting it into your practice. However, we understand that you might have a

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Chronic Care Management: How It Works Today – What to Know

Chronic diseases are health conditions or illnesses that are persistent and last for a prolonged period, often exceeding a year. The most common chronic illnesses range from those that are highly manageable, like asthma and diabetes, to complex ones, like HIV / AIDS. In the past 20 years of its

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