Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits

Most chronic patients might feel a little overwhelmed by the new informational, digital society we live in. A certain fear of novelty is perfectly justified, especially if you have been used to the old-school doctor-patient relationship. Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring may indeed be novel in the fact

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Medical staff checking vitals of a patient
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Remote Patient Monitoring

In order to have a simplified process of continuous care, without having to schedule face to face meetings with the patients, Remote Patient Monitoring is a service that also involves the patient, as a pro-active member of the health care team. By providing patients with tools for monitoring physiologic parameters

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Chronic Care Management

With old age come many health problems that can’t usually be avoided. The top 10 chronic conditions that patients covered by Medicare suffer from are: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, depression, heart failure, emphysema, Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Any patient suffering from two or more such conditions

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