Living with diabetes means that there are necessary tests and healthy habits you need to cultivate. Doing so will ensure that you can enjoy your life despite your medical condition. Together, let’s find out what you need to know so that you can keep your health and well-being in check. 

This guide will discuss what a diabetes patient like needs to maintain your positive health. We will talk about habits that you need to integrate into your daily lifestyle, and we will also look into the tests to be aware of any complications and improvements. Take this opportunity to consider effective chronic care management by being independent and also seeking out the crucial specialists and services you need. 

1. Eat a healthy diet of fresh food

Your diet is an essential part of your daily self-management to avoid diabetes-triggering foods and drinks, such as junk food and sweets. You also need to plan meals in advance so that you will not be tempted to turn to convenient, unhealthy options. This is where home cooking, meal preparations, and diet planning comes in.

When you cook, prepare, and plan out your diet, you ensure that you only eat what is good for your body, like fresh fruits and plant-based meals. You also need to make sure you are eating ample amounts of food because you need specific nutrients and a healthy caloric intake to keep your body moving throughout the day. 

As such, consult with your local nutritionist and doctor to determine what and how much you can safely consume. That way, you can maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI) and regulate your glucose levels to avoid other diabetes-related health complications. 

2. Track your glucose levels diligently

You need to be wary of your glucose or blood sugar levels to prevent a diabetic coma or ketoacidosis. High glucose levels also trigger frequent urination and increased thirst, affecting your productivity at work or school. You also don’t want your glucose levels to be too low since this can lead to fatigue. 

The best solution to track your glucose levels is to invest in effective medical devices that will enable you to manage your health effectively. We at Medistics Health can provide you with these devices through our remote patient monitoring system so that you can track your glucose levels and other related readings to manage your diabetes. 

As a result, you can get enough energy and daily nutrients to ensure that you succeed each day despite your condition. 

3. Exercise and check your feet regularly

You need to exercise regularly to lower your blood glucose levels and decrease the risk of diabetes-related complications, like hypoglycemia. You also need to watch out for your feet’s condition since you may have cuts, wounds, and other physical ailments that may lead to amputation. These issues have a higher risk of happening, especially when you exercise regularly. 

As such, you need to make sure that you are wearing comfortable footwear when you exercise and check your feet before you do anything physically rigorous. Consult with your doctor to keep your active lifestyle in check while also caring for your feet. 


Living with diabetes can be challenging, but there are ways to manage it effectively and still live a fulfilling life. You just need to know what to be mindful of and find tools and services that can help you through your chronic care management journey. Take note of all the previously mentioned information today and be on the lookout for effective solutions to manage your health and well-being. 

Are you in need of convenient medical services and tools to manage your diabetes? Medistics Health can provide you with that. We have a remote patient monitoring system to assess any diabetes irregularities through your blood pressure, body mass index, and other important readings. Consult with our specialists today to experience convenient chronic care management.

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